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Makarenko & Matveyev

Makarenko & Matveyev

Designgalleriet presents Makarenko & Matveyev

Russian artists Daria Makarenko and Pavel Matveyev have produced an exhibition for Designgalleriet about nostalgia, melancholy and time passing by. With photography, sound and ceramics the artists capture autumn and Russian nostalgia. Pavel Matveyev, that lives in Sweden, have together with Daria Makarenko from St Petersburg produced an exhibition starting with an abandoned manor house in Russia. The exhibition is about the relationship to this manor, a building with a dramatic past, just outside of St Petersburg.

The exhibition contains ceramics that interpret the shallow holes in the house, as well as photography and sound.
The Russian exhibition by Makarenko and Matveyev also carries the saying: With everyone’s imagination atrophied, no one will ever be a threat to the world. #5

The exhibition is open October 5-27.


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